Ladies Wax Services

I am here to make waxing easy, quick, and as painless as possible!

What people don't know is, waxing actually thins out your hair the more consistent you are.

It is a process so perfect results take a couple sessions but it's worth it!

Consistent waxing will leave you smooth for 2.5-3 weeks. 

Let me help you embrace your body hair while also giving you the best hairless experience!

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Some waxing services can come off intimidating to start doing so my main goal is to ensure a comfortable, safe and judgement free environment! 

I'm a woman with 5 years of experience as a waxer, so don't worry about the natural and normal things us ladies go through!

I recommend some steps to do to ensure you experience the best results:

  • Grow your hair out 2-3 weeks. The longer the hair the smoother the results! After your first wax, I will get you on a 4-week schedule.

  • Exfoliate with a sugar scrub every 2-3 days and 24 hours before your wax.

  • Avoid sweating, smexy time, and public pools or hot tubs, 24 hours to prevent bacteria exposure!