Ladies Wax Services

I am here to make waxing an easy, quick, and as painless as possible!

Waxing will leave you smooth for a couple weeks. 

What people don't know is waxing actually thins out your hair with consistent waxing.


Bikini Line- $35

Bikini Full- $45

(doesn't include butt strip)

Brazilian- $55

Butt Strip- $14

Full Butt- $30

Full Stomach- $35

Stomach Strip- $12

Full Legs- $72

Lower Legs- $42

Upper Legs- $42

Back of Thighs- $17

Full Arm- $58

Upper Arm-$35

Lower Arm- $35

Underarms- $22

Full Back- $62

Upper Back- $40

Lower Back- $35